High-quality Safety Boots in Bulk

Our safety boots distributing Center offers a variety of products made of the best materials all of which are designed accurately by our professional team, And the customer can order them according to his needs. This center provides quality and first-class products to the customer, which satisfies him and increases sales efficiency. We offer a wide range of services for the convenience of customers and faster and easier purchasing of the products. Make your purchase from a reputable exporter, which has been very well received by people.

High-quality Safety Boots in Bulk

4 Extraordinary Types of Safety Boots

4  Extraordinary Types of Safety Boots Here are 4 types of safety boots that are all well-made and necessary for working

Safety shoes with a steel toe with PU or polyurethane outsole: These are the most common type of safety shoes. The advantages of PU outsole shoes are their lightness, anti-slip, and anti-wear, as well as suitable for dilute acidic environments, oil and oil environments, and factory assembly lines. The melting point of PU material is 80 ° C.

Steel-toe safety shoes with PU-you outsole (PU-tpu): After PU, other materials have entered the field of shoe production that is more resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and heat than PU materials, which are usually produced in combination with two layers of PU materials and are suitable for environments with higher acid concentrations.

Relatively high temperatures and machining environments are specially impregnated with soapy water. Usually, the weight of safety shoes with TPU outsole is heavier than safety shoes with TPU outsole and the melting point of TPU material is 170 degrees Celsius.

Safety shoes with RUBER outsole (rubber): It is the most resistant type of safety shoe sole, which is suitable for completely acidic environments such as 98% sulfuric acid, as well as for very high temperatures, such as near melting furnaces.

Top Quality Safety Boots Supplier

Top Quality Safety Boots Supplier Good safety boots are sold in bulk by our company. For several years, in domestic and foreign markets, we’ve gained lots of experience. Due to high demands for this product, its production has also increased. That is why many of these first-class products are exported to many countries in the world. We provide you with these amazing products at the lowest wholesale price.

Different types of safety boots are produced by our expert manufacturers in Iran with the best quality and are offered to the global market. Many of these goods, which are produced in various designs, are exported to different countries of the world, especially neighboring countries. You can place your order and use our wonderful customers’ services such as free consultation and fast affordable shipping. good chances are waiting for you.

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