Direct Purchase of Women's Safety Shoes in Bulk

Today, the market for womens safety shoes is very wide and choosing the best example of these shoes can be very difficult. There are many things to consider when buying first-class safety shoes. In fact, shoes that are exported from the best raw materials and with the highest standards required for the production of shoes also focus on pain prevention.

Direct Purchase of Women's Safety Shoes in Bulk

Women’ Safety Shoes Vs Men’ Safety Shoes

Women' Safety Shoes Vs Men' Safety Shoes Standard safety shoes have unique features that we mention below: Safety and security of safety shoes: In providing safety shoes, safety comes first. In fact, a shoe is safe by international standards when it does not injure the foot when a 20 kg piece falls on the foot and must be able to absorb 200 joules of kinetic energy.

Falling and falling objects are common dangers in the workshop environment that can be prevented with the help of these shoes. The right shoes can protect you from the dangers of slipping and slipping. Comfort and hygiene Safety shoes: Safety shoes should be comfortable because workers often have to work with them for a long time.

In fact, Comfortable safety shoes for women should protect the foot from water and temperature and in general, their ingredients should be comfortable and of high quality. Shoes made of TPU soles are slightly heavier than shoes made of PU soles (made of polyurethane). Therefore, The use of TPU to make safety shoes has made these products possible Show more resistance to temperature and wear. For this reason, in work environments that are exposed to concentrated acidic materials and high temperatures up to about one hundred and seventy degrees Celsius, the importance of using safety shoes with a TPU outsole is more significant.

Wholesaler of Women’s Safety Shoes

Wholesaler of Women's Safety Shoes In the past, many people, due to their beautiful appearance and high-quality foreign safety shoes, wanted to use these shoes but today, due to the exchange rate and purchasing power, these people are reluctant to buy these shoes. . Previously, Iranian safety shoes did not have visual beauty and were not comparable to foreign samples in terms of quality while today by examining foreign samples and raw materials to produce safe and high-quality shoes, Iranian safety shoes are designed with double accuracy.

The use of Iranian safety shoes has had the satisfaction of over 80% of the general public, which indicates the high quality of the product. Therefore, export safety shoes, in addition to inside Iran are also bought by people from other countries. Exporting this product is a very important step for currency exchange inside Iran and its economy.

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